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Hypnosis for Weight Loss Westchester

Weight Loss

Why is dieting so difficult for so many people? Because we first need to change the feeling from within that causes unhealthy eating.

Hypnosis resets our appetite mechanism to original factory settings that we’re born with. Diets make you feel deprived and therefore you may resist them no matter how healthy the foods and quantity recommended. Hypnosis and weight loss go hand in hand. Hypnosis can not only help you stay away from fattening foods like sugary snacks or simple carbohydrate foods like chips and pretzels, it can motivate you to exercise and eat less than before.

Hypnosis acts upon the “appestat”, the center of your brain that tells you when to stop. It sends a signal to that part of your brain to let you know that you don’t need or want any more food.

The math is simple: less calories in, more calories burned and you become thinner.

So many clients express the same reaction.” After Hypnosis, I only want half of what I used to eat”. I do not exaggerate when I say that many, many clients have remained free of certain foods for years. Out of mind, out of mouth. I can also motivate you to eat healthier foods so that it feels much more natural to desire vegetables and fruits as opposed to the artery clogging, processed stuff.

My husband and I decided that we would try hypnosis for weight loss, as my husband had successfully quit smoking over 20 years ago through the process. My personal experience is beyond my expectations. Bob had the insight and knowledge to interview and really get to know me as a person before the hypnosis sessions ever began. Bob has given me the encouragement and tools, so that I can go beyond the weight loss process, which I have been successful at to date. He has encouraged me to look beyond my comfort zone and explore the endless possibilities in my future.