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Westchester Hypnosis for Stress

Stress Reduction

We all know that these modern times can be stressful. I see many clients with anxiety and stress. Some suffer from a generalized feeling, others come for test taking anxiety, dating anxiety, or various forms of… performance anxiety and sometimes its about a specific fear worry or a nervous habit.

You’ve heard the expression “stress kills” and modern medicine understands this quite well. The pressures of modern life can wreak havoc on your nervous and circulatory system. In our hectic society we are constantly pressured by messages of negativity that wear us down unless we find ways to cut stress off at the pass.

Meditation, yoga and other approaches can offer you meaningful relief. But hypnosis does it like nothing else. Hypnosis provides relief very quickly and can alter the stress absorption mechanism inside of us within a few sessions.

"I was about to face one the most stressful episodes of my adult life. I had to go before an academic committee to defend my doctoral dissertation in order to get my PhD. I was scared to death. After one session with Bob, I was instilled with such confidence in my presentation, so sure of my recall of my subject that I passed with flying colors. Bob, through guided relaxation hypnosis, turned a bundle of nerves into tranquility and inner strength." - C.A., Ph. D. (Staten Island, NY)

Hypnosis as an all natural process brings you quickly into the measurable relaxed brainwave states of Alpha and Theta. So what does entering those states feel like? The sensation is often described as pure bliss and feels like a tune-up for the mind. After all, we tune our cars, our computers and bodies, so why not the mind?

Best of all the feeling lasts , and with the practice of self-hypnosis which is taught at Westchester Hypnosis, you can generate these states at will thereby changing your life day after day. Every client receives my stress busting CD-”A trip to Nirvana”.

Michael, a high powered financial leader in Westchester says, "It is quite simply the most relaxed I can recall being in my entire life."

Many describe it as Zen-like with a more centered internal feeling.

Another client, a doctor in Westchester feels that, "Hypnosis not only smoothed my stress and anxiety away, I was able to restore a feeling of positivity and optimism about my family and my work. I feel that my proficiency in surgery has improved too, as I am now much more focused."

Hypnosis is the natural antidote to anxiety. There’s only one way to get the truth behind that statement. Come in and experience a session to melt the stress, habits and fears away.