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Hypnosis for smoking cessation in Westchester

Quit Smoking

Of all of the different subjects I address with hypnosis and help people with, Smoking Cessation is one of the most rewarding for me. I feel that way because in what is usually a single session, I can help you add years to your life, regain self esteem and save you a ton of money in the process.

It’s quite remarkable to me (even after all of the smoking cessation sessions over these years) to see how such an addiction can be erased as if it never happened. I’ve had many people who smoked as many as 4 packs a day for forty or fifty years (yes, some do smoke that much) quit smoking after a single session.

How does hypnosis do this you might ask? I attribute this mainly to the calming effects of hypnosis along with the suggestions.

"If you’ve tried everything to quit smoking like I did, make an appointment to see Bob! Your body and family will thank your for it." - Carl A., White Plains

As hypnosis produces this long lasting zen-like feeling, there is a feeling of inner balance that sends a message to the mind that it is perfectly OK to stay relaxed and the last thing one wants to do is disturb that great feeling by smoking. Many people erroneously believe that smoking calms them, but it is actually a stimulant and does the opposite. So when you feel true, inner calm during and after hypnosis it serves as an epiphany that there is a much better, calm way to be. There’s this soothing window or better yet, a door of opportunity that you can then walk through and reclaim your life.

"Just to keep you updated – it is now 3 months (as of this past Wednesday) and two days that I am a non-smoker." - June N.

The suggestions are also key. I provide suggestions that cover every conceivable association you may have with cigarettes from that first butt with that morning cup of coffee to work stress, driving etc.

So many people hear my suggestions whenever an old trigger occurs, and they simply walk away from that trigger easily and effortlessly.

Read some of the heartfelt testimonials I’ve received from people celebrating their restored ability to breathe naturally. They are living healthy lives worry-free.

"I had spent the past 6 years trying to quit and my mom has been trying to quit ever since I was a kid – over 20 years. My mom went first and said it was easy, it was as simple as, “I just don’t smoke anymore.” Bob is the most comforting person. He explains everything to you; what hypnosis is, what he will do, what will happen after. He also says that it’s okay if it doesn’t work right away for me. That made me feel good as there was no pressure. I compare the hypnosis to a deep relaxation where I am fully aware, but very peaceful. I stopped smoking instantly." – Kris